My name is Louise MacLean and I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains of New South Wales. Working with wood in some form has been a part of my life since I was a young child. As an adult, I made fun items from wood for my own children as well as practical items for my own pleasure. I then became interested in woodturning having gathered many scraps whilst building our first family home, these were turned into bowls and various household items. I also spent many years running my own picture framing business from home. So, I guess wood and woodworking have been in my blood most of my life.

The Birth of MoLo –

Having spent many years working in the corporate world, I became more and more disillusioned with that life so by taking a giant leap of faith, MoLo was born.

MoLo first emerged in early 2015 from a need for a small side table. I didn’t want to spend much money so scrounged around for a few bits of leftover timber sourcing some old fence palings locally, I then created a cute little table, the perfect size for what I needed … and so it began ….

So why such a strange name – MoLo is really what it’s about – Made of Leftovers! Wherever possible,  I use recycled and leftover timbers – old fences, building materials and treasures from demolition sites and local recycling centres. I love the warmth, feel and character of old timber, it all has a story to tell. I am passionate about taking that old piece of timber; planing, cutting, sanding and finishing it to make something beautiful and practical. Whether it’s a shabby chic side table, a set of coasters with matching place mats, cheese board, chopping board or wall clock, they are all made with passion and a love for old timber.

The story behind this gorgeous coffee table is a great example of MoLo’s philosophy – the top is made from Cyprus flooring rescued from an inner western Sydney home renovation, estimated at about 200 years old !  The legs were old hardwood fence posts from a farm out Hartley way.  The rest are just bits and pieces from previous projects.  This piece just oozes country charm and modern practicality.