Restoration & Upcycling

What else does MoLo do?

MoLo also offers basic furniture repair, restoration and upcycling.

Many people have come to me with an old piece that has been stashed away and forgotten in the back of an old shed or garage. MoLo breathes new life into these items and restores them to their former beauty.

This sad little desk had been in the back of a farm shed for many years.  It was covered in bird droppings and dirt, sitting in a puddle of oil, then Molo rescued it, check out the before and after photos below –


This old child’s chair was only about 60cm high and literally falling to pieces.  The wood was badly damaged so many repairs were needed.  MoLo made a new little seat and upholstered it with some bright fabric. … just look at the result


This gorgeous wooden box was possibly over 200 years old … the original hinges and nails were hand forged.  Its condition was poor, the sides were splitting and there were chunks missing.  The trick with a piece like this is knowing how far to go when restoring … any damage was repaired but minor dents and imperfections were left retaining the antique character.  Sadly the old hinges couldn’t be repaired and were replaced with some antique-look ones ….


This beautiful antique cedar suitcase dates back to the early 1900’s, stashed in an old shed for many years before being given to MoLo … rusty fittings were restored and a new handle and metal corners were added … what a result …


Antique chest of drawers brought out from England many years ago in need of some serious TLC …


This very sad looking 70’s dining table had been through the wars and was in desperate need of attention …. a bit of modern upcycling with crisp white paint and clear lacquer … wow !!


One very old Teacher’s Desk seriously neglected … much stripping, repairing and sanding transformed this little beauty … just love upcycling …


This beautiful antique dressing table has been stashed at the back of a garage for many years.  Obviously someone tried to update it by painting it lime green !  After much stripping, sanding, cleaning, waxing and polishing it now just sparkles ….